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By Request

Ridiculously easy food...

White Bean Soup
1 bag small white beans soaked overnight
2 carrots, 2 celery stalks all sliced thinnish
put in crock-pot with enough veggie broth to cover by 2 inches.

Cook on high 1hour + low 8hours.
add however much seasoning salt you like 20 from finish.

Potato Soup
2 1/2 lbs potatoes cubed smallish
2 carrots, 2 celery sliced thinnish
salt substitute herb blend
just cover in pot with veggie broth
cook over med heat till potatoes fall apart

serve with sour cream



Its been ages since I dug around in the old photographs. I flip through once in a while in search of something sweet of one of the kids, but not looking at my own. Weird. I hardly recognized the PhotoKris as the same person. It is odd how warped the mirror gets. I don't really know when, how, or why. Seeing the distortion caused it to ripple itself back smooth, but it was almost repellent to experience.

Lifetimes ago, and lifestyles difference. I remember though and that is precious. I don't miss high school, and I am pretty happy with who I have grown up to be. I would like my body back though. I was pretty small, who knew. Not me apparently.

Juicer fun +

I was gifted with a juicer. Thank you again! I promptly came home and made mango orange juice and apple juice. These were both delicious. Now I am super excited to check out some other stuff, and I am tempted by the idea of a spicy tomato juice. I found tons of recipes for juice as well as what to do with the pulpy leftovers. Hmmm, I found an apple spice muffin recipe. I need time off to explore this.

Also got a new scale. My old one was apparently possessed by a kiss-ass. No one likes a kiss ass, so I tossed it. The new one tells the truth, sadly, but better that the old. Ever onward!


I had my first cup of coffee in just over a year yesterday. I was amazed at just how much I missed coffee. I'm sure it has as much to do with all the little associations as with the actual coffee or even the caffeine jolt.

Some of my favorite contemplation moments were sitting quiet somewhere with a book and a cup of coffee. I am convinced books are better with coffee. Now if I can just scare together a few extra minutes to sit and read...

Food Nerding

I just bought a ton of veggies. With Thanksgiving being a largely meat/bird affair, I think I will make something yummily vegetarian to bring with me. I am making my zucchini tomato casserole. That seemed to go over rather well last year. I also found a nice roasted sweet potato recipe. I think I will make that as well. I am super excited to go cooking. I think soon I want to do a big affair of my own with lots of vegetarian dishes. I forget how much I like to cook when I am tired and uninspired.


I want a garden!

I caught a blog today showing a wonderful garden, filled with all the yummy things that I like to eat and had a moment of envy. I may at some point come to terms with making a garden for myself in planters as I don't actually have a yard. Mmmm. I want a garden. And baby chicks. Yeah!


Plan A

Getting ready for the ramp up with COD MW2 launch really kicking off the holiday season at work this week. Good times! Started off a bit frazzled but I think that I have recovered and am ready to face this new adventure.

Plan A
Sell tons of crap!
Don't piss off customers!
Don't have a nervous breakdown!
Hold on tight!

Had a good weekend geeking out on food. Made the best red beans and rice today. Mmmmm! Will make lentils this week. Super happy with my crock pot!

Also, Tekken 6 is awesome therapy! Woot!

One down...

We have gotten a handle on D's Bar Mitzvah, or rather all realized that reality was not to be ignored, postponed it till after the first of the year. This is awesome.

I am hopeful that this will give us time to plan a really great event. We had begun pruning rather heavily due to time constraints and other conflicts. This delay will make it possible to plan something with more meaning, and hopefully a bit more participation from all of us.

Now just have to make it through January, sanity in tact, and life will be good. :)

Too many plates

Not so much a problem of too much on my plate as too many plates, not enough hands. This makes it re-evaluate goals time! Yay!

I am tired of crash and burning each weekend, only to have missed my days off entirely. So for the next three months this is what I have to do.
1. Work, lots, lots of customers, lots of hours, love holiday shoppers.
2. Figure out D's Bar Mitzvah. I have volunteers to help me make this happen, so its a matter of getting all the details of things hammered out. Have meeting on said details tomorrow.
3. Set a sustainable routine that involves 20-30 minutes of walking and 20-30 minutes of yoga daily.
4. Good meal plans that allow for short prep, good taste, and cheap ingredients.
5. Study. Love me a fat stack of books. Finished another two, got three more. Wow they multiply.
6. Sleep. Eat. Breathe!
GO! I am wonderwoman, it shall be done.
7. Occasionally clean house.

Taking some days off this week, hoping to work on 7 and maybe 5 and 6 too.

Books and Meetings

Had my first phone conversation with Rabbi Joe. I was a bit nervous, but it went really well. We talked about books, and things to study. I am excited about all the books. So much to learn, and so much to read. It makes me happy.